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**LIFETIME and ALL-INCLUSIVE Inogen Warranty, Service, and Maintenance Plan with "Worry Free Protection".....FREE FEDEX OVERNIGHT DELIVERY ON WARRANTY REPLACEMENTS
Inogen One G3 8 and 16 Cell Lithium Ion External Battery Charger

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Freedom Sale Price: $1,055.00
Yes! You Can Add To a Machine Needing Service!

Product : INOGEN-LWS


Wherever you bought your INOGEN, you can PROTECT IT NOW!
"Even if you drop it....No Worries... We have you covered! "Worry-Free"

Is your Inogen machine out of warranty? Are you tired of paying out-of-pocket, each year, for your machine's annual service and maintenance?

Below is our most popular "Worry-Free" Inogen Warranty & Service Plan that will cover you for LIFE!

This Warranty & Service Plan can be added to any Inogen Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The Inogen G3, Inogen G4, or Inogen G2 oxygen concentrator.

$1055 Life-Time Warranty & Service Plan:

  • ***LIFETIME Warranty*** on your Inogen Concentrator
    • Life-Time Coverage: Internal Computer/Mother Board ($842 in savings)
    • Life-Time Coverage: Internal Compressor ($481 in savings)
    • Life-Time Coverage: Feed Manifold ($242 in savings)
    • Life-Time Coverage: Product Manifold ($242 in savings)
    • Life-Time Coverage: External Case ($292 in savings)
    • Life-Time Coverage: Much More...Click Here For All Items Covered Under Warranty
    • Life-Time Warranty Covers anything and everything on the concentrator. Water damage is excluded, but damage from dropping the machine is covered!
  • FedEx Overnight Delivery on All Warranty Replacements for LIFE
  • FREE Carrying Case
  • LIFETIME Annual Service Updates performed by an Inogen-Certified technician that includes ALL the services listed below every year for FREE! Your machine would than be returned to you with FREE FedEx Overnight Delivery!
    • O2 Service Soon Columns Replacement ($209 in savings per year!)
    • Output Filters Replacement ($115 in savings per year!)
    • Gross Particle Filters Replacement ($115 in savings per year!)
    • Cabinet Filter Replacement ($115 in savings per year!)
    • Computer Software Update ($295 in savings per year!)
    • Complete Internal Cleaning ($109 in savings per year!)
    • PLUS oxygen delivery test, pressure test, and oxygen purity maximized