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*Silver Portable Upgrade Bundle with 5 YEAR Warranty, FREE Large Battery & Lots of Accessories
Inogen One G3 8 and 16 Cell Lithium Ion External Battery Charger

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Freedom Sale Price: $211.00 per year

$211 a year for 5 years

Product : SILVER-PUB


**Must be purchased with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator!**
If you are a past Main Clinic Supply customer, please call 1-800-775-0942.

This Portable Upgrade Bundle can be added to the purchase of a Inogen G3, Inogen G4, or Inogen G2 portable oxygen concentrator.

(Silver-PUB) Portable Upgrade Bundle Includes:

5 YEAR WARRANTY Main Clinic Exclusive*

Guaranteed "2-Day" Warranty Repairs

LARGE Extended Battery

Power Surge Protection, Lightning, Power Surge & Spikes Main Clinic Exclusive*

-with $5,000.00 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance Main Clinic Exclusive*

Airline Priority Tag Identifier Waiver for Baggage Count and Baggage Fee Main Clinic Exclusive*

In-Room, Off-Shoulder Extension Package Main Clinic Exclusive*

Accessory Case Main Clinic Exclusive*

FedEx Next Day Over-Night Delivery! Main Clinic Exclusive*

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