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BPS Freedom Travel CPAP Battery and Backup for Philips Respironics Devices
BPS Freedom Travel CPAP Battery and Backup for Philips Respironics Devices

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FREEDOM Sale Price: $309.95

Product : BPS-FD.1.DS


The Freedom CPAP Battery is compatible with most Philips Respironics CPAP machines. The unique and portable design makes it perfect for travel and even meets all current FAA requirements.

Freedom Battery Features:

  • Works with most Philips Respironics CPAP and BiPAP machines
  • Use in a single battery configuration or connect two batteries together for even more power
  • Meets lithium-ion battery requirements for FAA air travel
  • Digital display indicates remaining charge level
  • Can be used as a backup power supply during power outages
  • Power other portable electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets
  • Options for charging in a vehicle or by solar power (sold separately)
  • 5V USB port

Freedom Battery

Digital Display
The digital display creates an easy-to-read charge level indicator which shows the current charge level and the percentage.

5V USB Port
Connect electronic devices like cell phones and tablets directly to the battery to charge them!

Power Backup System
This battery can be used as an uninterruptible power supply during power outages without worrying about reducing the batteries life. The internal circuit allows AC power to bypass the battery until power is lost at which the battery will automatically start powering the PAP device.

Lightweight and Compact
Weighing just 1.7lbs, the Freedom Battery is one of the lightest PAP batteries on the market! The sleek design makes it easy to travel with.

Machine Compatibility

The Freedom Travel Battery comes packaged with the recharger, unit connector and several tips that fit S9 and Air 10 machines.

Battery Run Times
Multiple factors will affect how long the Freedom Battery will power your device. Some important factors are device type, pressure setting, altitude, and humidifier usage. You can expect to receive from 1-4 nights of power.