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O2 Service Soon, Inogen G4 Error Message. Column Pair Replacement. *Consider Updating Internal Software, Complete Internal Cleaning, Output and Gross Particle Replacement & MORE

Freedom Sale Price: $129.00

Product : RP-406

The Inogen One G4 Error Message "O2 Service Soon"

"O2 Service Soon" message is displayed when your Inogen is due to have the column pairs replaced to maintain high oxygen concentration.
The columns contain the sieve filters that remove inert gases (mostly nitrogen) from room air. These columns are what "concentrates" the oxygen to medical grade oxygen. The average replacement time is yearly depending on use and the quality of the air being concentrated.
*Now is a good time to consider replacing the filters, complete interior cleaning, maximizing oxygen purity levels and updating to the latest version of software for the internal computer.

Ask about the following additional services:
  • Computer Software Update
  • Clearing the O2 Service Soon Error message by replacing the column pair
  • Complete Internal Cleaning of the Inogen One G4
  • New Inogen Carrying Case
  • Oxygen Delivery Test
  • Pressure Test
  • Output Filter Replaced
  • Cabinet Filter Replaced
  • Gross Particle Filters Replaced
  • Oxygen Purity Maximized

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